Monday, June 21, 2010

We love the Assateague Beach

Up on top

Abby loves the beach

Patrick and Tyler burying papa John in sand

playing in atlantic ocean
Patrick, Papa John, Tyler
Abby getting in on the fun
Patrick surfing the waves
Baby James loving the sand

We always love to go to the assateague beach near Ocean City, Maryland. We love to see the ponies roam free even on the beaches, They are the chincoteague ponies that swim across the bay each year the third thursday in July to be auctioned off and the ones that don't sell swim back for the next year. The beach is very nice, has nice bathrooms with showers and the atlantic ocean is great to swim in. The grandkids always love to bury Papa John in the sand and this year we got to take our great nephew Patrick who is like our grandson ever since he was born. He always has a special place in my heart. John was able to Bless him when he was a baby and I fly out in Oct. for his birthday alot. His mother Dawn lived with us for her teen years so she is like my Oldest daughter. I Love all my nieces as well. Was glad Wendy and the grandkids were able to make the trip. We had a lot of fun memories.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring time at our house

Tyler with our new kittens
Skittles and Kittles

Abby and Stanley

Abby feeding Fritz

James helping papa
cut the grass

Abby smelling flowers

Vicky riding down little waterfalls
near cascade springs

John riding down waterfalls
at cascade springs

Never a dull minute at our house with our grandkids and the fun times we have enjoying our golden years. We are happy to have spring come and enjoy being outside with our family. We enjoy having Wendy,Gary and the kids live close by, I enjoy waiting for Tyler in the mornings he rides to school so I can get that great big hug and him saying hi grandma I am going to school (thinking he is so big to ride from his house to school by himself,) Abby is a joy as well she can always make me laugh at her and knowing her love for animals I am lucky to have good friends that have plenty close by. James is always so fun you never know what he will do next. So welcome spring and welcome number four grand child there is plenty of love for you here.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I had fun with Grandma and Papa John

My Grandma's favorite team
Washington Redskins
so of course I am going to wear it with grandma

My Grandma and me watching Ducks

My swinging friend Zek

I love swingin

Let me swing all day grandma

No I love your exercise bottle more

Watching Papa John cut the trees

I am day dreaming of what I am going to do next

My week at Grandma and Papa John's house, I had a lot of fun and Grandma and Papa spoiled the beJeebees out of me so that is why I am having a fit getting back to my schedule. My mom,dad, Tyler and Abby got to go to Disney Land and I got to be spoiled by both sets of my grandparents for the week till I get big enough to enjoy the ride to Ca. and go on the roller coasters. I had my own Disney land where I got to do whatever I wanted too and boy did I eat it up. Late nights, lots of cuddling,lots of walks, parks, ducks and I had fun with my friend Zek at the main city park and the Dairy Keen where I ate tons of ice cream and played with the lego table and trains for hours. Sorry Mommy and Daddy but I just love to get Spoiled by my Grandparents and have all the attention on Me....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Break

Tyler and ducks
Abby feeding ducks
James watching
Grandma and James

Rub a dub

I had a lot of fun this week for Spring Break with the grandkids. I don't get to see Tyler too often due to being in school and it was a real treat. We went to see How to train your pet dragon which was my first 3d movie and enjoyed it very much, then to pet store to buy some feeder goldfish which each kid got a bag of ten so there would be equal time holding on ride home. I guess when James gets big enough the turtles will have 30 to eat. When we got the fish home I filled up the bathtub added some dechlorinator so they would not die and let them swim with the goldfish before feeding them to the turtles. They love this, you get lots of giggles. Then one day we went to ride the little four wheeler in church parking lot which has lots of wide open spaces in back. One day we went to Midway to play at the park with the ducks and stayed for quite a while. We enjoyed the sunshine,ducks,playground and indoor nature center. They all 3 are a lot of fun.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring said hello this week

I was sitting, yes sitting out side yesterday watching Abby and James playing in the front yard and noticed we have some crocus that bloomed. I told Abby to smell them and when she bent down to smell them she said Grandma they have bugs in them. I bent down to smell with her and saw these tiny little bugs inside. Then we laughed and laughed and said we don't want no bugs on our nose. Just happy the little flowers were up. Grandkids and all kids are just so funny,sweet and innocent. Welcome Spring we are so ready for you.........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun

I had a lot of fun with my 3 crazy grandkids the past several days while Wendy, Gary and John paint Wendy's house. I got to do a lot of Eastery things with them. We went to Kangaroo zoo friday with Lisa,Lauren,Andrea,Sean and Taya. We had fun jumping on the jumpy things and then on Saturday we colored eggs and went to the local store for a easter egg hunt and the easter bunny. James got busy with his kind of coloring which was a big plastic pan of water in his high chair with lots of plastic colored eggs while Tyler and Abby colored the eggs. We are still eating eggs. I am thinking of chucking out the window of the car at things by now especially with several days of snow. I am sooo ready for spring and fishing. I started singing the raffi song of Mr. Sun, sun Mr. golden Sun please shine down on me.....On Easter Sunday we had an easter egg hunt and lots of eggs with 2 gold eggs that had a certificate for any toy they want at the toy store valued up to 20.00 John hid them in the pool table pockets. He had a hard time not having a lot of candy around this easter but grandma stayed away from the evil stuff as much as she could luckily Sunday night at Kandy's house he got his share when Heather chucked lots of different kinds at him for him making funny remarks at us when the chocolate was passed to the girls. You go Heather I never laughed so hard....Sorry Kandy if you still find chocolate eggs around but that was too funny.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snow mobiling 2010

Vicky on snow mobile

John at cascade springs in snow

John after going through fresh powder

We have had a lot of fun snowmobiling this past winter and spring. We have been out almost every weekend that John has been off. We have gone to Mirror lake or up to the wasatch Mt.s, Mirror lake is where we go most because there is a lot of big open areas and hills that are super fun. I liked the wasatch in the evenings, the moose come into cascade springs for their dinner, also night time is cool up there because we go so much all year long that we know all the trails. I am glad to be able to keep up with John (even when he thinks he is a kid) He gets suprised now when he turns around and I am right on his bumper....